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How to Quickly Integrate People, Processes, and Strategy for Unbeatable Performance
by George Labovitz and Victor Rosansky

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When Vern Clark became the Chief of Naval Operations in 2001, he made alignment one of his top five goals for the Navy. He also made George Labovitz and Victor Rosansky's pioneering book, The Power of Alignment (1997), required reading for every admiral. Under Clark's leadership, the U.S. Navy underwent one of the greatest—and most successful—organizational transformations in its 200-year history.

Now, Labovitz and Rosansky introduce the highly anticipated follow-up to their groundbreaking book: Rapid Realignment.

The business world has changed dramatically since 1997. With the pace of technological, competitive, and social change increasing at an amazing rate, the difference between winning and losing today lies in a company's ability to adapt and stay focused. Rapid Realignment gives you the insights and tools you need to ensure that strategy, customers, processes, and people work seamlessly together in the service of customers and that they continually realign in the face of change. The authors provide everything you need to know about.

Case studies from a broad array of companies, including FedEx, Quest Diagnostics, the U.S. Navy, Dana Farber/Children's Hospital Cancer Center, Farmington Bank, and others clearly illustrate the authors' methods, demonstrating that they work in any industry.

Rapid Realignment provides a practical blueprint for "wowing" customers and reaching peak organizational performance—no matter what today's turbulent world throws your way.

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How Great Companies Stay Centered and Accomplish Extraordinary Things
by George Labovitz and Victor Rosansky

Named the #1 Best Selling book on to the United States Government and United States Military.

Misaligned companies, like cars out of alignment, can develop serious problems if not corrected quickly. They are hard to steer and don't respond well to changes in direction. This groundbreaking book shows you how to get and keep all the vital elements of your organization aligned and headed in the same direction at the same time. Managers must now keep their people centered in the midst of change, deemphasize hierarchy, and distribute leadership by distributing authority, information, knowledge, and customer data throughout their organization.

The Power of Alignment is packed with war stories and the first-hand perspectives of industry leaders. You'll learn how world-class organizations, including Federal Express, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Columbia/HCA Healthcare, Citizens Utilities, AirTouch, and UNUM achieved extraordinary business results. Now, through the authors' expertise, you'll see how alignment can work for your organization.

In essence, Alignment links the five key elements of an organization people, process, customers, business strategies, and of course, leadership to obtain breakthrough results, chief among them, sustained growth and profit, loyal customers, and a high-performance work force.

Essential reading for all managers and executives, The Power of Alignment offers a new way to reestablish focus and sustain energy, and is a dynamic approach for staying balanced and achieving extraordinary levels of performance.
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A Leadership Guide For The Results Driven Manager
by Y.S. Chang, George Labovitz and Victor Rosansky

Making Quality Work presents a wealth of practical strategies, techniques, and tools you can use to apply TQM in the day-to-day life of your business—any business. International management consultants, Labovitz, Rosansky, and Chang teach you how to motivate employees, build long-term partnerships with your customers, and merge TQM with your business strategy This book explains just what you must do to lift your organization head and shoulders above the competition. TQM puts the customer absolutely first. And every businessperson knows that's the right thing to do.

Making Quality Work is filled with true-life stories from great companies like Proctor & Gamble, Federal Express, Milliken, Xerox, Motorola, and L.L. Bean.
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