Rapid Realignment

To be successful, corporate leaders must keep customer requirements, process improvement activities, and employees aligned with organizational goals. To do that, they need to monitor alignment on a regular basis.

More than 40 years of Harvard Business School research has shown that aligned and intergrated companies out perform their nearest competitors by every majory financial measure.

People in aligned organizations have a clear line of sight to customer requirements and organizational goals. The hallmark of aligned organizations is that they consistently
deliver measurable improvements in customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and return to shareholders all at the same time.

Rapid Realignment™ is a simple 5 step process designed to align your staff and refocus employees to meet your organization goals. Here are just a few examples of what you will learn:
"Alignment is the optimal state where the key elements of an organization people, strategy, customers and processes are aligned and integrated to work in concert with each other."
  1. Rapidly deploy the organzation’s strategy, with emphasis on “Rapid”, because strategies change.

  2. Have total customer focus.

  3. Align and improve core processes to meet customer requirements and drive strategy.

  4. Train, develop and manage people to foster innovation, productivity and growth.
Managers' ability to monitor alignment within their staff depends on their access to the right tools. Software that provides easy-to use, quick-read analysis of performance in motivating employees toward corporate goals. Ultimately, it can make all the different in the sucess of the organization as a whole.
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